For the first time since I got here I am laying down to go to sleep in an organized room, with everything in cupboards rather than in one big mess on the floor. Things were that point where it takes you so long just to find the simplest thing and you feel clothes (and the occasional pokey thing) under your feet as you walk across the room. Nesting Part 1 is complete ☺. (Nesting Part 2 will commence when I move from this one month sublet into a permanent living situation).

As part of the nesting process, I stopped by the local market to pick up some household supplies. Highlight of my outing was my visit to the chemist (drugstore):

Episode 1: “Slick”

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

“Sir, champoo for oily hair?”

Clerk hands me shampoo bottle that boasts that it will infuse your hair with oil.

“No no this put oil in hair, I need champoo take oil away,” I say, while gesturing wildly toward and away from my head to demonstrate.

Over the course of the next ten minutes, the clerk hands me several more shampoo bottles all boasting that they will infuse your hair with oil. Exasperated, I finally relent.

“Sir, champoo for normal hair?”

Episode 2:

Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam

“Sir, you have face wash?”

Clerk hands me bottle promising to make my skin whiter.

“I think I am already white enough,” I laugh.

He doesn’t get the joke.

Episode 3: “Man Stank”


“Sir, you have shaving cream?”

Clerk’s face lights up as he reaches under counter and pulls out a bottle of Axe shaving cream.

“No no,” I chuckle, “Make smell like man. Other kind?”

Clerk reaches under counter and pulls out Gilette for men.

I smile and try again. “Other kind?”

Clerk reaches under counter and pulls out Dettol for men.

“You know what, soap will work fine.”

After the market, I went home and spent two hours completely moving in. This included listening to the full Newsies soundtrack and just about every Davidson Generals (college a capella group) song ever recorded. I decided in this process that having a well-nested home base is really important to me. I don’t think I could be one of those consultants or other types of folks who’s forever living out of a suitcase. I want some travel as part of my job, but the full time suitcase life is not for me.


One thought on “Nesting

  1. Love reading your blog. Just like talking with you at home about the days events… casual fun catching up on the days events.

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