My Work


It’s about time I posted something about work. By the end of this week I’ll have been working in Mumbai for two months!

What kind of work do I do? I manage branding, marketing, and business development for three awesome social entrepreneurship-focused organizations. UnLtd India is an incubator for social ventures, Bombay Connect is a social entrepreneurship-focused shared work and community development space, and Journeys for Change inspires global leaders by taking them to meet India’s most renown social entrepreneurs. These three organizations were all founded by the same people, and operate out of the same office (thereby keeping my sanity in tact).

What is a “social entrepreneur”? It’s a fancy way of describing someone who pioneers new approaches to solving social challenges. Social entrepreneurs apply the same tools that traditional entrepreneurs do, like innovation and capitalization on market opportunities, to create long-lasting societal change.

One example of a social entrepreneur is an UnLtd India investee named Joseph Paul who has created a new kind of slum health clinic. This clinic is mobile (based out of a vehicle) and requires patient education as part of its care. With these simple innovations, Health on Wheels saves money on space rental, drastically increases the number of patients seen, and decreases the recurrence of health problems across the entire slum community.

While I’m here, I’ll be exploring the concept of social entrepreneurship (which has become quite a trend) and plan to jot down some of the thoughts I develop.


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