City on the Sea


Today I’m grateful for the sea.

Lately, the honking has been getting to me – for those of you who don’t know, Bombay horns are particularly painful on the ears and people use them constantly.

I also have been inside a lot working on my graduate school applications. No sunlight = sad D.

And yet the sea is always there. A 15 minute rickshaw, a wind-ey 30 minute run, and there it is.

Today, I’m finishing up one application and just had to get “outside” (meaning I had to go work somewhere that was open air, even if I was in the shade). I had to go somewhere where I could breathe, where my surroundings would relax my shoulders and release my lungs and fill my body with sweet fresh air.

Now here I am, sitting at yoga house (a breezy cafe). When I hopped out of the rickshaw here, I took about 5 minutes to just stand and stare at the ocean thats just about 10 steps away from the cafe. My entire demeanor changed.

Now I’m listening to this, deciding what deliciousness to order, and approaching my apps from a calm place.

The sea is Bombay’s saving grace.


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