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Hungry and tired after a long, hard day of gallery hopping in South Mumbai, my friend Adrienne and I sought out a small french cafe called Suzette. OH MY GOODNESS highlight of my weekend. From a perfect chevre salad to a delectable goat cheese chicken carmelized onion crepe to a late with whipped cream finish, … Continue reading

My Work

It’s about time I posted something about work. By the end of this week I’ll have been working in Mumbai for two months! What kind of work do I do? I manage branding, marketing, and business development for three awesome social entrepreneurship-focused organizations. UnLtd India is an incubator for social ventures, Bombay Connect is a … Continue reading

Vegan Surprise

It’s 8:00pm on Wednesday, September 26th and I’m naked. I’m naked a lot here, actually. With clothes sweat-clinging to my arms, legs, and stomach, the first thing I want to do whenever I get home is take them off and dry under the fan. Thankfully this is possible since my temporary housing situation has me … Continue reading

Not Bangles

Disclaimer: This post is not about bangles or fairs or secret passageways. It’s not about about how much I love my work (which I do!) or the things I adore about India. It’s about how hard it can be sometimes to live here. Some of these difficulties have to do with starting life in a … Continue reading